It's been almost three years since Built to Spill released their last album, "There Is No Enemy," which hit the streets in October 2009. According to a recent press release from the band's label, Warner Bros., a new BTS album will be released next year. With a big tour not due until the end of August, we might presume that after they finish the handful of June shows they have booked that they'll be busy for the rest of the summer finishing the record.


"We'll be busy getting started on the new record," corrects singer/guitarist Doug Martsch. "It takes a whole summer just to get started at this point in my life."


The Boise indie rocker reports this fact in a dry tone. So, is 2013 an accurate forecast for the new record's release?


"I really have no idea," sighs Martsch. "A month ago, I thought so. It takes me so long to work on stuff these days, I just don't know if it will be done in that time frame. It's not really working with stuff that takes up time, it's living with stuff and spending time with it. ... I always have this dream that it will go quickly and be how a person imagines it goes when someone makes a record: They go in, they lay down their tracks and that's that. But it doesn't ever seem to work that way for me."



Boise in the hood

Over the past year, Martsch, along with Built To Spill guitarist Brett Netson, has been DJing. Every Wednesday evening (Netson takes Fridays), Martsch spins for Radio Boise, which streams at

"It's almost as much fun as playing music live, but there's definitely less pressure. Playing live is so much fun. Making records is not very much fun for me."