College athletes: Always getting into trouble! If they're not driving recklessly and plying minors with alcohol, they're always punching other players or receiving improper benefits or ... having sex with their girlfriends?


That's the sort of trouble that got star Bringham Young forward Brandon Davies suspended from his school's basketball team for the rest of the season. Davies admitted to his teammates Monday that he had had premarital sex with his girlfriend – a violation of the BYU honor code.


The honor code requires students to "lead a chaste and virtuous life," as well as "be honest," "obey the law," "use clean language" and "respect others." They must also attend church and abstain from drinking alcohol, coffee or tea.


(As WaPo's Tracee Hamilton notes, the irony here is that by admitting his mistake, Davies was arguably upholding the ideals of honesty and respect outlined in the code.)

"A lot of people try to judge if this is right or wrong, but it's a commitment [students] make. It's not about right or wrong. It's about commitment,"BYU coach Dave Rose told the New York Daily News.

The BYU Cougars are currently ranked third in the country and, with Davies, were expected to earn a #1 seed in the upcoming NCAA tournament. Without him, they lost to New Mexico and kissed goodbye the chances of a #1 seed. (via the Salt Lake Tribune)