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We've still got another weekend of the massive Coachella music festival to look forward to, so maybe Justin Bieber isn't quite done yet vying for the title of most obnoxious person at the world's largest gathering of obnoxious people. Not that he needs to try, as on the first weekend of the fest he already put in such spectacular work. I'm not sure which part is my favorite. When he tried to force his way into a VIP section during Drake's performance and got put in a choke hold and forced out by security? Pretty fun.

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Or how about when security at another event wouldn't let Kendall Jenner in because she's under 21 and Bieber "threw a fit" and "caused an enormous scene"? Also good. Or how about reports that Jenner was overheard saying "Justin's a d-bag" after he treated her "like a hanger-on" and later "brought girl after girl to his room," according to In Touch? All solid efforts. But really, I think he's just getting warmed up. Certainly he has more tricks up his sleeve, like pushing a person in a wheelchair out of the way or setting fire to a nearby animal shelter. Your move, Bieber.

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Anyway, here's some super-grainy TMZ footage of that choke hold escort in question, for your amusement:

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