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Can’t get out of my head (about Kylie)

How it came to pass that Ms. Minogue tweeted at our humble hero

So I wrote about Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite Tour for the weekend edition of Metro Boston, but what I didn’t write was the story behind the story.

Because of a scheduling conflict I was unable to do a one-on-one interview with the Aussie goddess, so I had to jump on a conference call with a group of other reporters. If you’re not a journalist, I’ll tell you the way it works. If you are a journalist, well, just skip to the next paragraph. Anyway, in the conference call interview format, the star is on the telephone line, and a whole group of other writers are listening, but they aren’t able to be heard unless they buzz in, and the moderator asks them to speak. It’s kind of like the peep show in that Madonna video.

Anyway, I asked my question early on in the process, and while I was on the phone and listening to the other askers, I posted this story, featuring Kylie’s answer to my question.

After I posted it, I put the link on Twitter, and Minogue herself responded.

Woah. I have the attention of Kylie Minogue? I should probably come up with a quick, witty response, I thought.

The weird thing is that this struck me as a unique opportunity to have the attention of Kylie Minogue, yet she had just responded to my actual voice with her actual voice a few minutes earlier. The platform of Twitter must be new enough that when somebody “tweets at” you, it feels almost more intimate. The platform of Twitter certainly is new enough that I still don’t feel entirely comfortable using a phrase like “tweets at” without putting those little disclaimer quotation marks around it. Why didn’t she tweet to me?

Anyway, invigorated by her message, I began to think of what awesomeness I could conjure up in 140 characters or less.

“u r FAST!!!” With three exclamation points and “fast” in all caps! As a journalist, that’s some high praise. But then I considered that as a man, that might not be as much of a compliment.

Should I point out to her that this speed should not be interpreted as lack of male endurance? Oh gosh, why am I reading into this? Maybe because even though I’m a kept man, Kylie Minogue is still smoking hot at 42, and has been a sex symbol for as long as she’s been in my consciousness. And part of being a sex symbol is that when you think of that person, you think about sex. So when a sex symbol writes that I am FAST, with three exclamation points, I worry that she’s thinking about sex.

But the thing is, I am NOT a sex symbol. Well, not yet anyway. So the fact that I’m not a sex symbol to Kylie Minogue (again, not yet anyway) means that of course she wasn’t thinking about sex when she wrote that.

In the end, I opted to respond to her tweet by trying to encourage her to provide more answers to the question I had originally asked.

She didn’t respond to this second invitation to engage. Maybe she’s waiting until I do become a sex symbol.

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