By all accounts, Casey Affleck should be celebrating his Oscar win for Best Actor. I mean he probably is. Bad juju doesn’t stop this man. But the “Manchester By The Sea” star, who opted for a decidedly caveman chic look at Sunday’s awards, has something else to worry about.

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The younger Affleck has been pretty vocal about his distaste for President Trump, going so far as to call his policies “un-American” at the Independent Spirit Awards. Turns out, though, Affleck’s production company actually donated to the president’s transition team, and according to Vulture, Affleck claims he didn’t know a thing about it.

Buzzfeed confronted the 41-year-old actor with federal filings that included a $5,000 donation from Affleck and the Middleton Project to the $6.5 million Trump for America Fund. Affleck quickly responded with a statement, saying “I am appalled that a donation may have been made in my company’s name by someone I work with. I had no knowledge of it, was never asked and never would have authorized it.”


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The question is, of course: does any of this even matter? Affleck seems to have dodged those sexual harassment allegations, so I don’t think his production company throwing money at Trump is going to have any effect on his career. He literally just won an Oscar.

But sure. He's "appalled."

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