Sora has amassed a wardrobe of 38 T-shirts, sweaters, Hawaiian shirts and even a tuxedo for the Oscars. Credit: Jenni Comito

Sora has amassed a wardrobe of 38 T-shirts, sweaters, Hawaiian shirts and even a tuxedo for the Oscars. Credit: Jenni Comito

Meet Sora, an orange tabby with a wardrobe as big as yours.

Unlike other cats content with the fur on their back, this dapper gentleman loves to wear clothes.


Loved this shirt on him!

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No, he REALLY loves clothes — so much that he refuses to take them off!

Sora became internet famous when his owner, Jenni Comito of Iowa, shared the story of how he came into her family’s life on Twitter last week:

Which is a beautiful story all on its own — but then Comito shared how the cat had quickly developed a taste for the finer things in life.

This fashionable feline didn’t just make any entrance into the Comito family’s home, either. He waltzed in with an entourage — their two Shelties!

It was during a bitterly cold December in 2016 when her sons mentioned seeing a small orange cat near their house.

Because Comito’s husband and oldest son are allergic to cats, they’ve never had one. “But we couldn’t leave him outside in the cold because there was a snowstorm coming,” she says.

They tried coaxing him into their garage with food, but the skittish kitten wouldn’t come near them.

Then, on the day of the snowstorm, Comito went to let in her two Shelties after their evening walk “and Sora came prancing in behind them like he owned the place — and hasn’t left since!”

The kitten — he was just three months old then — huddled up in front of the family’s heater. And then wouldn’t move.

“Knowing nothing about cats, I didn’t know if he was cold all the time,” says Comito. “We went to the store to get a litter box and what have you, and they had these little shirts — they were for dogs — for $1.

“After we put the shirt on him, he was fine!”

But she didn’t realize how much he loved wearing clothes until laundry day.

“I went to do a load of clothes, so I took it off of him to wash it, and he yowled and yowled for 10 minutes and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him!” she says. “My son said, ‘Maybe he wants his shirt back,’ and I put it back on him and he stopped.”

Even though her younger son had already named the cat Sora (a character in Disney’s Kingdom Hears game), the family wasn’t sure they could keep him.

But the stars continued to align in his favor.


My hooman is so funny! ?❤? #tshirtcat #tabbycat #catlife #catsofinstagram

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First was the surprise that neither Comito’s husband nor son had any kind of allergic reaction to the kitten.

The family tried to find out if anyone had reported a missing cat, calling their police department, animal shelter and even the local veterinarian (there’s only one in their small town), but no one came forward.

By March, “We decided, yeah, he owns us.”

The sudden Internet fame has been “a little shocking,” says Comito, who had to learn how to use Instagram to create an account for Sora (@soracatfashionicon). Good thing she already has plenty of photos to share!

Since that cold December night, Sora has become quite the clotheshorse, amassing a wardrobe of 38 shirts, sweaters and even a tuxedo for Oscars night.

“We’d go to dollar stores and look for more shirts, for $1, no big deal,” says Comito. “Then it got to my son looking on Amazon and finding this Hawaiian shirt for him, and it’s turned into a fun thing for us to see what kinds of shirts we can find!”

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