Peter Gabriel

The "Back to Front" tour promises to deliver what its title suggests, with songs that span his entire career, and probably draw heavily from his 1986 classic, "So," which comes out in a big 25th anniversary edition next month. Sept. 23, Nikon At Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, N.Y.


The "Somebody That I Used To Know" singer continues his bid to be more than just somebody that you used to know. The French musician's live show features elaborately timed film projections and an artsy delivery that will reward attendees who go to the show just to see him play that one song. Sept. 25, Radio City Music Hall, Sept. 27, Williamsburg Park, Brooklyn

David Byrne with St. Vincent

David Byrne kind of owned "Love This Giant," the collaborative album he just released with St. Vincent. But the dude is a giant of sorts, having helped give birth to America's new wave movement in the late 1970s. That said, we hope Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) will step to the front more for the live shows, as she is a real monster on the guitar. Sept. 25-26, Beacon Theatre, Sept. 29, Williamsburg Park, Brooklyn

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow's sophomore album, "Confess" picks up at the perfect moment where the debut left off. There's a warm sensibility to George Lewis Jr.'s lyrics and the songs exude an icy cool that makes them feel like they could have been produced in the 1980s. But this is no recording studio trick; live, the band faithfully reproduces the record's sound. Sept. 27, Webster Hall, Sept. 28, Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Brooklyn


A$AP Rocky

Promoting his eagerly anticipated "LongLiveA$AP" album, which wasn't quite eagerly anticipated enough to put in our albums section, the 23-year-old rapper does put on an impressive show, and this may be the last time you'll be able to see him at a venue of this size. Sept. 27, Roseland Ballroom

Jack White Will he have his female backing band with him, or his male backing band? Who knows and who cares? What White's gender experiment has proven is that it doesn't matter what chromo-somes you have as long as you can rock. And both of the bands he has backing him on his "Blunderbus" tour do indeed rock. Sept. 29-30, Radio City Music Hall


When Jay-Z rapped "I'll be hood forever/I'm the new Sinatra" in "Empire State of Mind," those two lines didn't necessarily seem to fit together right away. But as part owner of the Brooklyn Nets, he helped bring a new stadium to his 'hood and like Sinatra might have done, he's playing an ex-tended engagement -- eight shows, to be precise. Sept. 28-Oct. 6, Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Global Festival

A charity concert with the Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Band Of Horses and K'naan?! Sounds like a great lineup, but tickets must be way expensive, right? Nope. Tickets are free! There's a catch though, a brilliant catch. You have to earn them by going to and signing up and receiving points by learning and spreading awareness of global poverty. Sept. 29, Central Park


Alabama Shakes

This bluesy rock band blew everybody away who saw them this spring. Then all of those people told all their friends about it. Now the Shakes are back (and at bigger venues), ready to accommodate all of those people and their friends. Oct. 4, Terminal 5


Dispatch was once a jammy Boston band that seemed like a fluke success story. They had earned a loyal following but decided to call it quits in 2004 and played a farewell show. That show drew 100,000 people! They'd get together occasionally to play reunion shows, but now with a brand-new album, "Circles Around the Sun," they appear to be in it to win it again. Cape Cod-based "don't miss" act the Parkington Sisters opens. Oct. 5, Radio City Music Hall


The more you ignore him, the closer he gets, and apparently you haven't been paying enough attention to the former Smiths singer, because he gets very close next month. Oct. 9, Radio City Music Hall, Oct. 12-13, Terminal 5

Waka Flocka Flame

Watching Waka live is kind of like seeing a one-man Wu-Tang. It's not always easy to know what is going on if you don't know the tracks already, but it's guaran-teed fun. Oct. 9, Irving Plaza


If you haven't already checked out setlists for the shows that Rush have played on this tour so far, you'll be relieved to know that a concert earlier this week included these notes: "Where's My Thing?" (with drum solo), "Headlong Flight" (with drum solo) and "Drum Solo" (The Percussor). Not only do they do two songs with drum solos, but Neil Peart plays one drum solo so immense that it has its own title! Oct. 20, Prudential Center, Newark, N.J. , Oct. 22, Barclays Center, Brooklyn

The Walkmen

“Heaven,” the Walkmen’s recent mainstream effort, didn’t feel quite as deep as their previous releases, but watching singer Hamilton Leithauser in-person may change the way you feel about that. The way he expels perfect-pitch yells will make you wonder why they didn’t just do the album live. Oct. 18, Terminal 5

New Order

New Order are playing a few reunion shows that are controversial because the reunion doesn't include the bassist. Normally that might not seem like an issue, but when the bassist in question basically invented the style of playing that nearly every alternative band from the '80s and '90s tried to imitate, it's a little bit of an issue. Fortunately, the band found a replacement bassist who is quite adept at imitating Peter Hook, so it will be good to hear these classic new wave hits like "Bizarre Love Triangle," "Temptation" and "True Faith" again. Oct. 18-19, Roseland Ballroom

Father John Misty

Josh Tillman has played on his own and with bands like Fleet Foxes, but under his current moniker he seems to have really found his voice. His songs are folky, confident and evocatively weird. Consider this lyric: "Pour me another drink and punch me in the face/you can call me Nancy." And go see him before everybody else learns how cool he is. Oct. 23, Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Oct. 24, Bowery Ballroom

Smashing Pumpkins

Billy is back, with musicians who didn’t play on the original recordings of the songs that made his band famous. So what? They’ll still play all those songs. Need proof? The first three songs from a set in South Korea last month were “Zero,” “Bullet With the Butterfly Wings” and “Today.”

Oct. 31, Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY


John Legend

John Legend's loverman soul music is the perfect date night concert, setting the mood for what happens after the show, but if you catch opening act Lianne La Havas, you might have to leave to get intimate with whoever you brought with you before the headliner even takes the stage. Oct. 29, Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Justin Bieber

The Biebs! If you're going, you already bought tickets to this show months ago. If you're not planning on going, there's really not much we can tell you to persuade you to say, "Hmmm, I think I'm going to go out and buy Justin Bieber tickets." Carly "Call Me Maybe" Rae Jepsen is opening! Did that work?

Nov. 9, IZOD Center, East Rutherford, N.J.

Nov. 12, Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Nov. 28-29, Madison Square Garden Arena

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon makes beautiful colossal electronic music and his shows are fittingly beautifully colossal. If you've ever been to see Girl Talk, it's that kind of messy party, but most of the music coming from Dan Deacon's console are of his own design, rather than samples. What's most exciting, though, is that lately he's been bringing a drummer with him! Does he do "Drum Solo" (The Percussor)? No. Not yet at least. Nov. 14, Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Nov. 16, Bowery Ballroom

Catch 'em while you can

"Hope I die before I get old"? Yeah, right. Many of these musicians have entered their seventh decade. They may have hearing problems but none of them seem to have rocking problems. Actually, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen don't "rock" per se, in the traditional way, but their poetry rocks!

Bob Dylan, Nov. 21, Barclays Center, Brooklyn

The Who, Nov. 14, Barclays Center, Brooklyn, Dec. 5, Madison Square Garden

Neil Young & Crazy Horse (with Patti Smith), Nov. 27, Madison Square Garden

Dec. 3, Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Leonard Cohen, Dec. 18, Madison Square Garden; Dec. 20, Barclays Center, Brooklyn

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