Today, NSYNC was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — and it’s a very special day indeed. April 30 marks the end of a rain-plagued, weather-confused month and (as we’re finally seeing here on the East Coast) the beginning of springtime sunshine and budding flowers. April 30 is also It’s Gonna Be May day, in case you forgot about the meme inspired by NSYNC members that has, for the past six years around this time, taken the internet by storm.

As Lance Bass, one of these famed NSYNC members, tweeted last month, "How fitting this ceremony will take place on Its Gonna Be May Day! See y’all there! *NSYNC to Receive Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame."

The meme comes from the 2000 hit song, "It’s Gonna Be Me," that die-hard NSYNC fans (and anyone who listened to music in the early 2000s) memorized all the lyrics to.



According to Know Your Meme, the It’s Gonna Be May meme didn’t pick up traction until 2012 when people started sharing it at the end of April in honor of, well, May. It got so popular that even Obama and his social team have joined in on the fun:

JT, who pronounced "me" like "may" in the legendary song, revealed in a 2016 interview with the U.K.’s Capital FM, that producer Max Martin probably wanted him to "sound like I was from Tennessee." JT has also contributed to the hype, tweeting a day early in April 2016:

Then, a day late the next year:

Click through the gallery above for photos of NSYNC members in 2000 when "It’s Gonna Be Me" came out, versus NSYNC now, 16 years after they went their separate ways. 

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