Adriana Lima Vanity Fair Oscars 2018
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Adriana Lima and Metin Hara may or may not be over. OK!

The Victoria’s Secret model didn’t have a date to the Oscars — despite dating a dude for a number of months.

You see, Lima and Hara, a Turkish New Age guru (whatever that means) had been spending a lot of time together. They had also gotten into the habit of cherishing that time via the blessing slash curse that is social media. Because love isn’t real until you’ve posted it on online.


@duruapras_caprisco I will meet you one day! I won’t give up! 🙏💙


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Sadece bir gülümsemeye tanık olmak için... // Just to witness a smile...

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Alas, the last time Lima posted a picture of Hara, It was in in November, and in it they looked much like siblings being reunited after a number of years. “Exactly today 5 months ago I met/chose love,” she wrote. “The beginning of a new beginning.”

And the last time Hara posted a picture of Lima was February 22, when he wrote “She was the poem I always wanted to write... #lovewins.” Sure, pal!


She was the poem I always wanted to write... #lovewins Photo credit : @thommy.white

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Lima reportedly spent most of February in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival. And we all know of that old wive's tale: If it's not Instagram official, it doesn't exist. So it must be over, ya know?

Fortunately, if things are cooling off between these guys, the mother of two will be just fine: Lima has dated the likes of Lenny Kravitz (hot), Derek Jeter (if that’s what you’re into), a football star named Julian Edelman (sure) and Mets pitcher Matt Harvey (nah). So yeah, she’ll be fine.

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