Amber Heard has a brand new boyfriend

Girlfriend moves at the speed of light.
Amber Heard Glitter Basic
Amber Heard. Photo: Getty

I applaud Amber Heard. Here is a woman who is constantly getting it in, boo wise. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s cuffing season — baby is getting cuffed out here!


At the end of September, Heard was caught on tape sharing some aggressive mouth to mouth action with a *mystery man* in Australia. For those of you wondering who, exactly, the 31-year-old’s latest uh, person she’s making out with is, never fear. Page Six reports that the dude is “hunky stuntman Mana Hira Davis.” OK!


Sources tell the site that the pair — who met on set of "Aquaman" in Australia — are inseparable, which sounds over the top. But then again, over the top is kind of Heard’s thing. “They are really into each other,” one source says. Apparently, the pair has been seeing each other for a few months, but have been keeping things “low-key.” Which, LOL, Heard wouldn’t know low-key if it gave her some aggressive mouth to mouth.


Heard, of course, most recently dated Elon Musk, and was once married to the human embodiment of patchouli, Johnny Depp.


As always, I’ve got to this ol’ Amber with a girl, I guess. So, girl? I guess.