Lin-Manuel Miranda sure loves making celebrities burst into song. Photo: Getty Images
Lin-Manuel Miranda sure loves making celebrities burst into song. Photo: Getty Images

When Lin-Manuel Miranda calls, the world’s most famous stars answer.

This week, the “Hamilton” creator challenged the internet to donate at least $10 to the nonprofit Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition with a musical angle: Record yourself singing a few bars from his hit musical using the hashtag #Ham4All, then tag two friends to do the same.

“Rogue One” star Riz Ahmed didn’t just take him up on it — he starred in what should be a music video straight out of a dystopian novel about the lives of immigrants in America today. Watch him rap his way out of the New York subway with the lyrics to “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)” from the recently released “Hamilton Mixtape” of covers and new songs inspired by the musical:


Miranda launched the #Ham4All hashtag to promote the contest on Monday, and it didn’t take long for dozens and dozens of videos to start flooding in, many of them starring famous faces. And while it's all to support a good cause, the donations also get you entered for a chance at two VIP tickets to the opening night of “Hamilton” in Los Angeles on Aug. 16. As Weird Al described it, “It’s kind of like the Ice Bucket Challenge, but we don’t need a ton of ice.”

While Ahmed set the bar unfairly high, there have been some adorable, mind-blowingly talented and creative entries into the #Ham4All challenge. Get your entry in before Aug. 4!

Real-life wonder woman Ayesha Curry and her basketballing bae Steph teamed up on a duet of “The Schuyler Sisters” that — spoiler alert! — turns into a three-part harmony halfway through.


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Unless you’ve got the scratch to globetrot to all the “Hamilton” productions, this is probably your one chance to hear the British edition’s Eliza Hamilton sing “Satisfied,” and you should take it. And not just because she hits those crazy notes without spilling a drop of the wine in her hand:

What Thomas Jefferson’s entrance song needed was to be a little more over the top, which is where Weird Al Yankovic and his accordion come in.

Rising British actress Madeleine Mantock (“Into the Badlands”) should be on your radar, and she proves why with a soulful cover of “Wait for It.”

The cast of the Netflix series “One Day at a Time” got in on “Alexander Hamilton,” on set, and art has never resembled life so hard.

Dads aren’t usually the hip ones, but just try telling that to “Jane the Virgin” actor Jaime Camil who kills it with “What’d I Miss?”

What other song would a member of the Harlem Globetrotters choose?

Did you know Minnie Driver has an amazing singing voice? Bow to her King George.

And because celebrities don’t have all the talent, check out this multitasking Brit juggling balls while she juggles the tongue-twisting rhymes of “Guns and Ships.”

Possibly, #Sign4Ham is the most beautiful interpretation of all.

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