Chris Evans Gifted Premiere
Chris Evans wins the Internet again. Photo by Getty Images

If you're going to make a scene on social media, be prepared to hear an earful from Marvel movie star Chris Evans.

The Boston-bred, "Captain America" actor isn't afraid to share his many honest opinions on Twitter, which is why he had no problem putting Ann Coulter on blast for her weekend tweetstorm. The conservative author and commentator has spent the better part of the past few days going after Delta Air Lines for an alleged seating mishap during a flight from New York to West Palm Beach on Saturday.

Coulter claims that she was forced to move to another seat despite paying for premium accommodations with extra room. The liberal-bashing pundit took to her Twitter account to lash out at the company, and even posted a photo of the woman who allegedly took her seat.

While Delta did give Coulter a $30 refund for her reported troubles, the airline also threw some shade at the pundit for her mean-spirited tweets directed at the company's other passengers and employees.

Like many users on Twitter, Evans thought the whole situation was ridiculous and called Coulter out for her behavior. He even slyly called the conservative talking head a snowflake with a perfectly placed emoji.


This isn't the first time that the Star-Spangled Avenger has used his social media platform to make a statement. From Donald Trump to "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli, Evans has taken several big names to task online. 

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