Captain America
Chris Evans really wants to catch this guy. Photo by Marvel

Chris Evans usually uses his social media presence to troll political commentators, throw shade at President Donald Trump or to fawn over his favorite NFL quarterback. Now Captain America is tweeting to find some justice.

The Massachusetts native took to his Twitter account on Tuesday morning to ask his followers to help find a jogger who pushed a woman into traffic in London. Evans shared a BBC News video of the incident accompanied by a simple message: "Let's find this guy."

So far, more than 13,000 people have retweeted Evans' message in hopes of finding the suspect. Hopefully this search will go faster than Captain America's manhunt for his best bud turned Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes in "Captain America: Civil War."

According to BBC News, the 33-year-old woman luckily escaped any serious injuries after being shoved in front of a bus by the runner. Local police credit the bus driver's "superb quick reactions" for saving the woman's life.

The incident reportedly occured at Putney Bridge in west London on the morning of May 5. 

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