Chris Pratt said nice things about Anna Faris in her new book

So nice.
Chris Pratt Anna Faris
Chris Pratt and Anna Faris in more, we're together, times. Photo: GETTY

Anna Faris new book, “Unqualified” is finally hitting the shelves. And as promised, it includes a foreword from Chris Pratt — her husband of eight years who she recently separated from. Not awkward, nope, not at all, everything is fine here.


Pratt, who of course feigns that he knows not what a foreward is, starts off pretty Pratt-like.


“When I was asked to write the forward for ‘Unqualified,’ Anna’s memoir, I immediately said yes without even thinking about it,” he writes. “And boy did a lot happen between then and now. So much. Like … soooo much.” That would be about the separation, eh?


Pratt goes on to bless Faris with compliments, like a good soon-to-be-ex-husband. Like, despite being cast as a dumb blonde a lot, she’s actually very smart! “She reads, hears, watches, and retains an inordinate amount of stories — from podcasts and NPR pieces to New Yorker articles,” he writes. “She’ll often pore over the newspaper while simultaneously watching a TV show and blow drying her hair.”


Also she is patient which is very rare in our pre-apocalyptic world! “When approached by fans and photographers, she smiles and shows kindness,” Pratt writes. “As do I, although my annoyance and bubbling anger with paparazzi tend to be more thinly veiled.”

And finally she’s just a cool gal, you know? “She is the amazing, effervescent, former short girl, theater nerd, camp counselor, crossing guard, headgear-wearing, feistmesiter, character-playing Anna Kay Faris.”

Super nice, Pratt. Super nice.