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At the end of April Ciara welcomed a daughter — Sienna Princess Wilson — with her husband, Russell Wilson. I’d say it was chill, but chill isn’t Ciara’s brand, so she announced Sienna’s birth with her standard amount of fanfare.

Now, the “Goodies” singer is causing what Page Six has the gall to call “quite the stir” on social media. But it’s only because she shared a video of her riding a toboggan in China with her three-month-old daughter strapped to her chest. It’s whatever, honestly!


I wish I could put into words how fun this was! Going down in the toboggan at the #GreatWallOfChina with my family. @DangeRussWilson Unreal! ❤️

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Like, it’s totally whatever because Russell Wilson and her son Future Zahir were right behind them, okay? “ wish I could put into words how fun this was! Going down in the toboggan at the #GreatWallOfChina with my family,” she wrote. And boy were people pissed.

#Honestly not trying to #shame #Ciara but this was VERY #dangerous,” one commenter, a passionate hashtag devotee wrote. “What if the thing had malfunctioned? Don't #believe #people are trying to say she is a Dumb parent but it was a #dumb #decision.”

Another concerned commenter decided to just blame it on all China, saying “Ok so what if the person in front of her hit their breaks on accident or crashed ? She could not stop. It's not about her control its other people's. There are chain reaction accidents resulting in collision . She is not the only person on that ride. China has no regulations or safety....” Sure!

Meanwhile, Ciara is literally in vacation in China right now with her entire family, assimilating to the culture as best she can. For real. Look at her!


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I mean, would it be *me* out here with an infant strapped to my chest on a toboggan sleigh ride? Absolutely not. But Ciara is living her best life and it's not my business, if we're all totally honest. So yeah, I think she’s doing just fine.

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