Demi Lovato Aw So Cute
Demi Lovato. GETTY

Over the weekend, a 28-year-old named Joe Jonas — most famous for being the most eyebrow’d of the Jonas brothers — and a 21-year-old named Sophie Turner — most famous for being Sansa Mother Flipping Stark — got engaged. She’s too young, but whatever! The real question here is: What does Demi Lovato think about it?


Lovato, 25, used to date Jonas way back when in 2010, you see. And she’s giving her two cents on the future nuptials of Jonas and Turner. And not surprisingly, she’s all about it.


She said yes.


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If you were to creep on the Instagram comments section of Jonas’ account, you’d see that Lovato wrote “HUGE CONGRATS.” All caps hers, not mine. “Soooo happy for the both of you.”


The couple announced the news by posting a photo of their hands, with her new diamonds, on social media. Cool!

Good thing these two have Lovato’s approval. Now let’s wait for the rest of the middle Jonas’ exes — the Taylor Swifts and the Gigi Hadids — and see what they think. JK, who cares.