Dita Von Teese scheduled to tease in NYC


The undisputed Burlesque Queen of Planet Earth is decsending from the boudoir and making her way to the stage of the Beacon Theatre on May 1 for one night only. Dita Von Teese will be joined by the Copper Coupe, and the evening is sure to be all sorts of sexy.

Expect a whole lot of pearls, copper filigre, cocktails, double entendre, balloons, guest acts (including one by a famous Playgirl) and a modern take on the "bubble dance," made popular by the OG of burlesque, Sally Rand (who we also have to thank for the ostrich feather routine that's now commonplace on stage).   

Dita Von Teese, burlesque super star

Von Teese is credited for re-popularizing the art of burlesque, which had its hey-day in the 1930s. She has been performing, modeling and styling fetish wear and lingerie for over 25 years. 


It's reported that she'll be wearing custom Christian Louboutins, her "most extravagent fully-crystalized Swarovski gown to date," as well as a "slick, patent leather costume." 

"I advocate glamour," she has said. "Everyday. Every minute ... glamour above all things." You do you, DVT. 

Von Teese at the Beacon Theatre

Tickets are available now on ticketmaster.com and range from $39.50 to $125 each, plus applicable fees.

The Beacon Theatre is located at 2124 Broadway at 74th Street, New York.


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