Oh good: George Clooney is no longer a pranking man

Sorry not sorry.
George Clooney Tiff
George Clooney just being George Clooney. GETTY

George Clooney is just so famous for his pranks. Also for being an actor, but pranks! But now the father of two says he just doesn’t have time for pranks anymore. Sad!


At the premiere of “Suburbicon,” the 56-year-old opened up on his “lack of tomfoolery” — People’s words, not mine — saying, “When you’re directing, you’re busy. When you’re acting, you’ve got a lot of time and you can do all kinds of horrible things.” What a charmer!


And lest you think that Clooney’s no shenanigans rule was met with a sigh of relief among his cast and crew, well, let them prove you wrong. “I am very bummed,” actress Karimah Westbrook admitted. “I’m actually going to talk to him… I wish he would play a prank on me, but maybe next film, hopefully, if we ever work together again.” You’re brainwashed girl!


“He says not that he’s becoming a dad, that he’s putting the practical jokes behind him,” added actor Glenn Fleshler. “I was relieved because I don’t want to really be practical joked while I’m working. But he did tell me some of the stories about some of his jokes.” We are relieved on your behalf, sir!


Also not really related, but Clooney did refer to his son, Alexander, as a “thug, a fat little boy.” So there’s that.


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