Beyoncé pregnancy rumors: Beyoncé stands in front of number four, fans say she's pregnant.
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Is Beyoncé pregnant? In the recent set of Beyoncé rumors, fans are confident the star is pregnant with her fourth child.

Beyoncé and Jay Z (The Carters) have been busy performing around the globe with their On the Run Tour, however, some fans are questioning Beyonce’s latest photos posted on social media saying she’s also been busy doing other things besides touring.

Recent photos of Beyoncé posing next to a large number four have fans wondering: Is Beyoncé pregnant with baby number four? In the photos, the singer appears to be holding her arm in such a way that would make people think she is concealing a baby bump. Fans also think the singer is hinting at her fourth child because of a photo showing her standing in what appears to be a running track that has four lanes. 

Beyoncé and the number four

Fans quickly assumed that Beyoncé standing next to the number 4 in a photo or on a track with four lanes clearly mean she is telling the world she is pregnant with her fourth child, but fans also know Beyonce and Jay Z share a connection to the number. The two were both born on the fourth day of their respective months, they were married on April 4, 2008 (4/4/08) and they have the number four tattooed on their ring fingers. To go a step further, Beyonce’s fourth studio album is titled 4 and in her and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy’s name, the I and V make the Roman numeral IV or four. Needless to say, there is a special connection with the number four, but does it mean that Beyoncé is pregnant with her fourth child?

Is Beyoncé pregnant in 2018?

The Beyoncé pregnancy rumors don’t stop there.

Fans have started to analyze photos and video clips from her recent performances to search for any visible clues that indicate Beyoncé is pregnant.

In one video posted to Instagram, fans are speculating Beyonce is pregnant because it appears that she has a slight bulge in her abdomen. It could have been the angle of the video or how the fit of the shorts, but some fans are hinting that she might be pregnant. 


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Another video shows Beyonce touching her belly during a performance of Bonnie & Clyde featuring her husband Jay-Z. This seems to answer the question of "Is Beyoncé pregnant?" for at least a few fans.

Is Beyoncé pregnant? There have been rumors since June

Another photo from her Scotland performance during the On The Run II tour in June shows the singer wearing a purple cape with a gold and silver dress underneath. While Beyoncé always shines in whatever she wears, the Beyoncé pregnancy rumors began to swirl as early in June because of a small detail in her dress.

Beyoncé pregnancy rumors: Is Beyoncé pregnant with fourth child?

The dress has a red heart over her stomach and many fans quickly pointed out that Beyoncé is pregnant with her fourth child.

Beyoncé revealed she was pregnant with her first child, Blue Ivy in 2011 during the 28th Annual MTV Video Music Awards. On February 1, 2017, Beyoncé broke the internet when she took to Instagram and posted a photo of herself pregnant with twins who were later named Sir Carter and Rumi Carter.

Although many fans are screaming Beyoncé is pregnant with her fourth baby, at least one fan shared a photo of Beyoncé to prove she can’t possibly be pregnant now. 

One of the pictures Beyoncé posted shows her sitting with Jay Z next to a bottle of Corona beer. For at least one fan in the world, that was enough proof that she’s not pregnant.

So, Is Beyoncé pregnant? While the singer hasn’t made any announcement to confirm is she is pregnant, fans have found ways to prove that she is and prove that she isn’t. We guess we just have to wait and see if the singer ever announces her fourth pregnancy.

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