Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Superbowl
Classic these two, tbh. Getty

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have now been together for an entire year. Congratulations but also? It’s felt like a decade.


The couple celebrated at the Super Bowl with their kids And when Lopez performed at a Super Saturday Night concert for DirecTV, she gave her beau a shout out.


“We’ve been together for one year today,” she said, according to Page Six. “I don’t want to get all mushy or anything, but baby, this song’s for you. I love you.”


Thankfully, the couple has been a lot more calm than when they first got together: they were constantly talking about each other, and Lopez admitted that not only did they meet after she enjoyed a delicious cobb salad; but he really had her heart when he sent her a not sexy sext while being in the same room as her.


And that sext — the one that sealed the fate of a couple one can only be ambivalent about, at best — simply read “You look sexy AF.”

You kind of have to admit: The man is a true poet.