Jenny Slate Comrade Detective Premiere
Jenny Slate. Photo: Getty

Jenny Slate is talking about her boyfriend on Twitter and she hasn’t confirmed, or anything, but it’s totally Chris Evans, right?

In case you missed it, Slate and Evans — who gushed about each other to various outlets after their break up — have been spending loads and loads of time together. They were first seen together in Atlanta on a double date. They flirted with each other very publicly on Twitter which, fine, I guess. Evans came down to Washington, DC to support one of Slate’s stand up shows and, as Celebitchy notes, when the “Captain America” star posted a video of his dog singing, Slate can be heard laughing off camera. So yeah, they’re not exactly being coy.

Anyway, now Slate is tweeting nonsense about boyfriend and turtlenecks, so let’s just call it official, eh?

“My boyfriend does many dreamy & generous things,” she writes. “But number 1 in my mind right now is how he celebrates my new turtlenecks/lets me show him my online shopping spoils & cheers me on.” Sure, honey.

Listen, we’re not going to laugh in the face of true love, or whatever. Because, you know, it’s so nice when two rich, conventionally attractive people like each other a lot and are thirsty about it. It’s a nice reminder that celebrities are just as plebian as the rest of us.

So actually, a thank you is in order. Thank you, Slate. Thank you very much.

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