Kate Middleton Paddington Bear
Kate Middleton and her BFF, the Paddington Bear. GETTY

Kate Middleton — who is pregnant with a third child, pushing the hot Ginger prince and his American girlfriend further and further away from the throne — made a “surprise appearance” over the weekend. And guess what? She cut her hair!


It looks the same as always, in this writer’s humble opinion, but the Daily Mail refers to it as both “shorter” and “glossier.” What could it mean!? I don’t know, but it did look very good as she was dancing with a man dressed in a giant Paddington Bear costume.


Kate has spent a lot of time out of the spotlight since announcing her pregnancy, as she suffers from severe morning sickness. She even missed Prince George’s first day of school! Poor thing.


Her due date hasn’t been announced, but who cares? Her hair!