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Kim Kardashian and daughter North West. Sushi is nowhere to be found. 

Photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

In utterly fascinating news, Kim Kardashian has decided on a name for daughter North West’s new puppy. Exciting!

On June 17th, the 36-year-old revealed that she had gotten sister puppies for North and her niece Penelope — daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. “Penelope named hers honey,” she wrote on her Instagram. “What should we name ours?”


This question proved difficult for the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star. So on Tuesday, she pleaded with her Twitter followers to help them! Names are so hard! “Please help us pick the final name today!” she wrote. Then she made a poll with North’s final four: Baby Jesus, Peachy Pop aka Peaches, Sushi and Goldie. I, like almost everyone else, voted for Peachy Pop. But apparently, Kardashian never wanted anybody’s opinion in the first place.

“FYI the puppy’s name is Sushi,” she wrote early Tuesday morning. Well thanks for telling us our opinions don’t mean s—t, Kim!

Anyway, that’s been an update on Kim, North, and lil’ puppy Sushi. Here’s hoping Sushi will fare better than Kim’s other pets — she once had a dog named Dolce but he was mysteriously killed by a coyote. She also has a history of giving pets away when she doesn’t feel like dealing with them anymore, and she’s admitted to “not being the biggest animal person.”

Sushi — I wish you the best of luck. You are really going to need it.  

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