Lin ManueL Miranda Wife Pregnant
Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife Vanessa Nadal. Isabel Infantes/PA Wire

Everyone’s favorite dude, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and his wife Vanessa Nadal are expecting a second child. Hooray.

The couple went old school in announcing the news. Miranda and Nadal attended London Evening Standard Theater awards on Sunday, looking sharp — with Nadal very clearly pregnant. Or perhaps, very clearly, have eaten a very large meal. A burrito, per chance.

Miranda confirmed the pregnancy on Twitter, with a sharp and timely — and simple — ”Oh hell yeah.”

Apparently, their three-year-old son, Sebastian, can’t wait to be a big brother. “He is so impatient for it,” Manuel wrote on his Twitter. “Once, mid-tantrum, he cried, ‘When is mommy gonna HAAAATCH…” Cute.

Congratulations on bringing yet another child into these troubled times.

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