Why did BBC cancel airing interview with Logan Paul?
Logan Paul at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Credit: Getty Images

BBC Radio One canceled airing an interview with Logan Paul after receiving backlash from fans on social media.

YouTube star Logan Paul did an interview with BBC Radio One to promote his upcoming boxing match with British YouTube personality KSI.

When the radio station teased the interview on Twitter to let fans know when it was going to air, fans took to Twitter to criticize Radio One for saying they would air the interview and promote the YouTube star.

There has been controversy surrounding Logan Paul since January after he filmed and posted a video showing the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest — also known as "suicide forest." Paul removed the video after receiving backlash from fans.


Although Logan Paul has since apologized for the insensitive and inappropriate "suicide forest" video,  fans of BBC Radio One did not support or approve of the radio station airing an interview and promoting Logan Paul’s boxing match with KSI and apparently, the popular U.K. radio station has listened. 

Radio One cancels Logan Paul interview

On Thursday, the radio station tweeted to let fans know they have decided not to air the Logan Paul and KSI interview saying that they "don’t feel it’s right."

The station added: "We understand some of your strong views on Logan — but ultimately if we don’t think the interview is good enough — we don’t air it."

Why did BBC cancel Logan Paul interview?


According to BBC Radio One, they decided to not air the interview because they felt it wasn’t good enough. A BBC Radio 1 spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that they "listened to the full interview and didn’t think it met the standards our audience would expect, so we didn’t use it."

Fans of the radio station took to Twitter to express their relief that the interview was not aired. 

Twitter responds to BBC Radio One canceling Logan Paul interview

Other fans feel that BBC should have aired the interview saying they were just afraid of the kind of responses it would get on social media.

Is the BBC Radio One Logan Paul Interview online?

While it’s unclear what was actually said during the interview or if Logan Paul was asked about the "suicide forest," we do know the main purpose of the canned interview was to promote his upcoming boxing match with KSI. We’re not sure if BBC Radio One will ever post the interview online or if someone working at the station will leak it to claim their five seconds of fame.

As  for the upcoming boxing match between the two YouTube stars, it is expected to take place on August 25 at the Manchester Arena with millions of people live streaming the fight online. 

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