Ludacris Fear Factor Wearing Freddy Kreuger Hatq
Ludicrous Ludacris! Photo: Getty Images

Ludacris and MTV are bringing so-called cult classic “Fear Factor” to a new generation, and that terrifies me. Because first of all, cult classic? Really? That’s what we’re calling it now? And also, I'm kind of assuming what Ludacris wants, Ludacris gets. So yeah, we’re in trouble.

According to Bustle, the "Fast and the Furious" star plans to change things up by focusing on things young people care about. So it will be less dangling out of a helicopter, and more roaming mode on their iPhone. Truly terrifying!

“It still has the DNA of the original ‘Fear Factor’ but technology has changed over time so we’re just trying to give it a new face and a new energy,” he told Bustle. “When you incorporate cell phones, that is people’s biggest fears these days, losing their cell phones… And that’s why it’s new, because it’s a new day and age and technology has evolved since [the original].”

He continues, "We're trying to incorporate the newest technology along with what this generation is afraid of together in order to make a new and exciting show. We're just taking it to another level."

Wow! He has really chosen to go very, tragically literal here. Pretty sure whatever you get compensated for merely appearing on “Fear Factor” will cover the cost of a broken or lost cell phone.

Anyway, Ludacris plans to torture all the contestants — who are being pushed to their limits for the chance to win $50,000. That’s a year’s salary, yo! “If they have to eat something crazy or drink something crazy, I’m there with like, a glass of wine,” he says. Presumably laughing maniacally. “I’m drinking my wine and throwing it in their face while they have to do the exact opposite. I enjoy doing stuff like that because they’re the ones who chose to be here.” Okay, rude.

Not everybody can be rich like you, Ludacris.

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