Who is Mia Tindall? She’s only the cutest person to be snubbed by the royal wedding party. Although she did manage to snag an invitation, Mia Grace Tindall — just one of the many royal children who will attend Prince Harry’s wedding — was passed over for the role of flower girl, a diss to which the internet is not taking kindly on her behalf.

But wait, who is Mia Tindall and why is the internet rushing to take her side? After all, the royal wedding is a big affair, not everyone can be invited and Princess Charlotte will be there all decked out and adorable as always. We break it all down for you — with added pictures for proof of the cuteness that was passed over.

Who is Mia Tindall?

Mia Grace Tindall is the adorable 4-year-old daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall. In case that doesn’t ring a bell and you’re struggling with how to place them anywhere near the royal wedding party, you should know that Zara Tindall is Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter and Prince Harry’s cousin. Mia Tindall is her first child with former rugby player husband Mike, though the couple is expecting their second, and 18th in line for the throne.

And, no, Mia Grace Tindall isn’t a princess — but she could have been. It’s traditional for the monarch’s grandchildren through their sons to automatically receive royal status; grandchildren through the daughters have to be granted courtesy titles. Though Queen Elizabeth II offered this to Princess Anne for her kids, Zara and Peter Phillips, it was turned down.


So why isn’t Mia Grace Tindall a flower girl?

Her status as royal grandchild certainly put her in the running alongside some cute competitors. Although she certainly would have been a good fit for the event, she was beat out by Ivy Mulroney(4), Remi Litt (6) and her sister Rylan Witt (7), Florence van Cutsem (3) and Zalie Warren (2), who will accompany 3-year-old Princess Charlotte down the aisle as flower girls.

mia grace tindall golf

Although we may never know why this epically adorable little girl didn’t make the cut, a possible explanation is that she wasn’t chosen simply because Meghan Markle didn’t know her that well. Traditionally it’s primarily the bride’s responsibility to pick the wedding party, according to royal biographer Penny Junor.

But all hope isn’t lost for seeing Mia Grace Tindall make her flower girl debut. Princess Eugenie’s wedding is coming up this fall, so you might see her picked for the wedding party in October.

Click through the slides above to see Mia Grace Tindall in all her cuteness

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