Michelle Lewin gets bit in butt by pig

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Fitness model Michelle Lewin was attacked and bit by a wild pig during a recent photo shoot on an island in the Bahamas and it was all caught on video.

The 32-year-old Venezuelan fitness model was in the middle of a photo shoot on Big Major Cay island located in Exuma, the Bahamas when the incident happened. According to the official Bahamas tourism site, Exuma is known for its “famous” swimming pigs and people travel there specifically to swim and take selfies with the feral pigs and piglets.  In fact, if you watched the commercial or documentary for the not-so-wonderful Fyre Festival, you might remember footage of models swimming and playing with pigs in Exuma. 

Prior to getting chased and attacked by the pigs, Lewin shared a few videos to her Instagram story showing her hanging out with the seemingly adorable pigs and piglets in the sand. When she got int the water to take a few photos with the pigs, things got out of hand. 

Michelle Lewin video goes viral




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The video was posted yesterday and has gone viral with more than 4 million views and thousands of reactions and likes. 

The clip starts with her walking on the beach next to the pigs and when she turns her back, a sassy sow and her piglet nips her posterior and sends her running away. Other pigs chase her as she yells and screams on camera. 

Lewin shared a closeup of her backside to show the bite marks left by the wild pigs in the viral video.

Michelle Lewin should have known that turning your back to pigs is risky business. The travel blog The Points Guy the warns people who turned their backs on the wild pigs, noting “some are feisty enough to bite your behind if they think you’re not feeding them.” We suspect that Ms. Lewin has learned her lesson. 

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Fitness model and social media influencer Michelle Lewin has more than 13 million followers on her official Instagram account, @michelle_lewin and often posts photos and videos from her fitness and bikini photo shoots and doesn't shy away from posting selfies in the mirror to flaunt her physique. 

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