Nick Viall Vanessa Grimaldi
Nick and Vanessa are no more. Photo: Getty

Last week, “Bachelor” alums Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi confirmed that they were ending their relationship, a mere five months after their televised engagement. Not surprising!


Now, each of them are opening up about it the only way they know how — via Instagram and or interviews with gossip rags!


It's okay to feel broken. It's okay to cry. It's okay to lean on a friend. In the end, it will always be okay.


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Grimaldi posted an emo picture of her leaning on some rando's shoulder and wrote, “It’s OK to feel broken. It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to lean on a friend. In the end, it will always be OK.” Sure!


Viall, for his part, admits he still loves Vanessa a ton. “I’m not afraid to say that. I like to try new things, get out of my comfort zone. I know I have a lot of work to do in that arena. And it's fun to try and I always appreciate the opportunity to try new things and that's been a lot of fun."

Then he got real emo, saying, “"In times that aren't great, you have to kind of spend time with your loved ones. I'm lucky enough to have friends outside of L.A. I'm heading back to Chicago this weekend, which I think will be good for me. I'm trying to stay positive, being around friends and family. It helps me stay positive. And you know, what helps me is just kind of believing in yourself. It's obviously easy to get insecure and feel bad about yourself. You get in your head about things when things aren't working out for you."

He is probably talking about how his relationship with Grimaldi was his fourth attempt to find love through the “Bachelor” franchise.

Hey dude, maybe reality TV induced love just isn’t for you. It's not for most people, to be honest.