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WTF is Kendall Jenner doing?

This Pepsi ad, starring Jenner as the face of the resistance, is the actual worst.

Kendall Jenner is cashing in on the very fashionable trend of resistance and it’s going about as well as you could expect.

The 21-year-old — who attended Fashion Week instead of the Women’s March — has partnered with Pepsi for an ad that is as straight up bananas as it is tone-deaf.

In the ad, Jenner decides to quit a modeling gig halfway through, because there's a protest going on and she just has to join! The protest, of course, looks more like a fun weekend activity — what with all the choreographed dancing and impromptu jam seshes — instead of a necessary, sometimes dangerous plea for change. All these people are literally filled with joy because I guess in this commercial, Trump’s America is not real nor worrisome. Even worse, at the end of the commercial, Jenner hands a cop a cold, gleaming can of Pepsi. Because if anything is going to bring our torn country back together, it's a can of America's second favorite cola. 


This is literally what happens when you don’t have people of color in a room to help you make decisions. The thought of Kendall Jenner as the face of some sort of anti-Trump resistance is laughable. As is Pepsi’s attempt at inclusion — it legitimately looks like they had a checklist of what different racial stereotypes they could include. It's really very bad. 

But perhaps more importantly, does anybody even drink Pepsi anymore? 

Update: On Wednesday afternoon, Pepsi pulled the ad after an intense wave of criticism. Maybe someone realized that an ad that essentially minimizes police brutality wasn't a great idea.