Ron From Jersey Shore Is someone’s father now

Insert joke about having less time for GTL here.
Ron Jersey Shore Family Vacation Red Carpet
Someone's father. Getty

Planet Earth had a good run. It did it’s thing, rotating around the sun, giving life and all that, for a super long time. But now, we’re facing what I assume is mass extinction, because Ron from Jersey Shore is someone’s father now. Let us pray.


Ron, staaaaaaaaahp — full name Ronnie Ortiz-Magro — and his girlfriend Jen Harley reportedly welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday. A source tells E! News, “He’s over the moon,” which is rude because that’s a phrase that only legitimate celebrities can use.


Ron From Jersey Shore
Someone's Pop. Papa. Pappy. Daddy. Da. Father Figure. Getty

Ronnie and his beau surprised fans with the pregnancy announcement back in December and documented the most trivial moments of their journey to parenthood via social media. After their baby shower in March, Jen wrote "Ronnie and I had the most amazing baby shower yesterday, we are so thankful to have such good friends and family to come support us and fly in from all over the country!"


Ooh, and what about this one where Ronnie is either kissing her stomach, or attempting to smother himself?

Anyway, congratulations y’all! And I'm not saying they planned this, but Jersey Shore: Family Vacation does premiere on Thursday, so. 

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