Sweet, sweet Shia LaBeouf apparently can’t carry a movie to save his life. Well, at least not in England.

“Man Down,” a film starring the 30-year-old actor as a PTSD-suffering soldier making his return from Afghanistan, opened in the U.K. with just one person buying a ticket. Literally one person.

To be fair, the film was only showing on one theater, only once a day. And also to be fair, nobody even knew this movie existed. The film will likely end its week-long run with a box-office jump of 200% — bringing the film’s final theatrical total in the U.K. to $26. Which, if we’re honest, buys at least two bottles of fairly decent wine.

What's to blame for the super low sales? Has the actor's reputation been tainted? LaBeouf went from promising young actor, to homeless hipster chic, to getting drunk and breaking the law in several cities; then he stopped drinking, got two tattoos of Missy Elliott on his thighs, and married to Mia Goth in a secret Las Vegas ceremony. And recently, he's tried getting political on for size, with his anti-Trump art installation. Maybe he can't sell a movie because nobody can quite understand what it is he is ever doing. Or, maybe it's because, again, this film was playing once a day in one theater for one week. We may never know!


LaBeouf, who has basically been finding himself for the last five or ten years, is probably totally fine, because he’s living off that “Even Stevens” and “Transformers” money anyway. He doesn’t need $26 measly dollars. 

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