Beyonce got bit and everyone wants to know who the culprit is. Getty Images

Internet sleuths are trying to crack the case of “Who bit Beyonce?” and three names have crept into the lead as prime suspects: Sanaa Lathan, Lena Dunham and Jennifer Lawrence. Dunham was getting the most accusations on Twitter late Monday afternoon as Dunham is a native New Yorker and, ya know, Jay-Z is a native New Yorker … and, ya know, Beyonce is an adopted New Yorker by marriage. One problem with this theory is that the incident in which Beyonce was said to have been bit did not happen in New York. It took place at an Inglewood, California after-party following a Jay-Z show.


The Cut has the dirt on the actresses that were actually at the after-party in question, and that list did not include Dunham (or Lawrence, for that matter). It did include Rihanna (oh, can you only imagine?) Queen Latifah (doesn’t seem like she would hit on Jay-Z), and Sara Foster (married to Tommy Haas so also unlikely she’d hit on Jay).


One name that people keep circling back to is Sanaa Lathan – another native New Yorker. Lathan was at the Jay-Z concert that night and was rumored to have dated French Montana in the past. She is not married. Lathan is 46 and Jay-Z is 48. Maybe the two New York natives hooked up at a Manhattan club in the late 90s or something and one of the parties was feeling all nostalgic or something?