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There’s no denying the appeal of a bad boy — but maybe Negan from The Walking Dead is a little too bad to qualify. Still, Jeffrey Dean Morgan won a lot of hearts back in his Grey’s Anatomy days, during which he played resident heartthrob Denny who swept Izzy (and most audience members) off their feet. Maybe it’s that pivotal role that makes viewers ask who is Jeffrey Dean Morgan married to, despite the brutality of his most recent character.

Grey’s fans, we’re with you if you were hoping against hope that real-life Denny had married real-life Izzy, but sadly that’s not the case.

So, who is Jeffrey Dean Morgan married to?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been married twice, though he’s currently married to Hilarie Burton, who you might recognize from MTV or One Tree Hill. The actress is a formal TRL host and brought life to the character Peyton Sawyer for six seasons on the popular TV series alongside Chad Michael Murray.

who is jeffrey dean morgan married to hilarie burton


If you don’t remember seeing Hilarie’s name in headlines for anything much since One Tree Hill it might be because she and hubbie Jeffrey Dean Morgan have been building a family. They just welcomed their child, a baby girl, on March 1. They haven’t shared anything about the sweet little girl’s name yet, but maybe we’ll get more details about “baby gal morgan” after she’s settled in with her parents and Augustus, their 8-year-old son, whom they “Gus.”



Long story short, who is Jeffrey Dean Morgan married to? Hilarie Burton since 2014. Wondering about earlier years? The actor was previously married to Anya Longwell, an actress best known for Death Becomes Her (1992) and Mobsters (1991), but their marriage ended in 2003.

Who is Jeffrey Dean Morgan married to...at work?

It’s not uncommon for people to have work husbands or wives, and it seems like Jeffrey Dean Morgan is no exception. Although he might actually have a personal-life wife and a work husband. Joking aside, the cast of The Walking Dead was notably chummy as they celebrated the 100th episode of the hit AMC series, as you can see in the photos below.

who is jeffrey dean morgan married to simon

Maybe work husband is an exaggeration, but there are certainly some bromances blooming.

who is jeffrey dean morgan married to norman reedus

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