Zooey Deschanel — the most famous manic pixie dream girl there ever was — welcomed a son with husband Jacob Pechenik last week. According to People, his name is Charlie Wolf Pechenik. The woman can’t deny herself a subtle dosing of twee, I tell you.

Deschanel and her husband also share a daughter together, Elsie Otter. Yeah. Otters and wolves. Not a great combination as far as my experience goes, but what do I know? I’m not the star of “New Girl,” a show called that has majorly waned in popularity because, let’s be real, who wants to watch a bunch of people in their late 30s live in a perpetual state of young adulthood in a loft they absolutely can’t afford? I mean, I used to like “New Girl,” a lot. But like most fantasies about marginally attractive people living together in what I assume used to be a Nabisco factory, it takes quite a bit of suspension of disbelief.  But I digress!

The 37-year-old actress talked to Redbook Magazine last April about how marriage and motherhood has shifted her focus. “I’ve never really felt like an adult. But I think it’s a huge accomplishment to have a child, so maybe I feel like an adult for that reason.” Or the fact that you make a lot of money and pay taxes! That should help you feel like a grown-up.

She also spoke out about prioritizing her family over her career. “I’ve slowed things down a bit. I think it’s good for your whole self — your creative self, your professional self, and just your soul — to take a little time for yourself and your family. You can spend your whole life going after things, but I think you risk missing out on some really powerful self-reflection.” Sure!


Congratulations on the happy couple! If you guys have a third child, I suggest the middle name Opossum. 

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