Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna Back Together
The so-called better days. Photo: Getty Images

Rob Kardashian has taken to Instagram to lovingly (or perhaps spitefully, who really knows?) post pictures of Blac Chyna from her humble beginnings. You know, back when she was Angela White and went to my high school (true story).

In the first picture — Blac Chyna as a mere youth, chilling on what appears to be a twin sized bed — he strung together some words that mean things, I guess. Or he at least tried. “In my first episode of Rob's Random Cornball Thoughts is this young lady who grew up to be the woman I love and the mother of my child. She is beautiful and gave me my first child.” Run on sentence much?

In the next picture, a high school aged Angela (that was her name at the time) poses next to a fake tree in Spongebob Squarepants boxer shorts, unironically. “Awww look at my little Angela at 14!!!!!!,” he writes, abusing his exclamation marks privilege. “Hahaha I LOVE YOU !!!!” Oh dear, someone send this dude to grammar school.


Awww look at my little Angela at 14!!!!!! Hahaha I LOVE YOU !!!! @blacchyna


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So Rob still loves Chyna. Okay, fine, boring, called it, etc. But does it mean the two of them are getting back together? According to In Touch, probably not. But only because Rob already has his hands full.

An insider tells the magazine that the 30-year-old is moving on from Chyna with reality star Mehgan James. I’m sorry, who? “Rob’s been seeing [reality star] Meghan James for almost three months, and most of the Kardashians are very upset about it because Meghan is known for being out of control and volatile. The Kardashians want Rob to find a woman who is kind and calm.” Unlikely!

The source suggest that James — who has appeared on both “Bad Girls Club” and “Basketball Wives LA” — is doing it for fame which, duh. Everyone is in it with the Kardashians for the fame — Scott Disick, whoever Khloe is dating right now, hell, probably even the camera men on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” They should kind of expect that by now, no?