While some people in tents were being kicked out of them, others were setting them up — and these vampire lovers were allowed to stay put. Until the reason they were all there — “Twilight Saga:?Breaking Dawn - Part 1” — actually opened, that is. Here is the vamp-crazed madness that

happened this week surrounding every Twihard’s most anticipated film of the year.


1. The ultimate “Team Edward” fan arrived at the Los Angeles premiere in
a wedding dress, all ready to marry the love of her life — Robert
Pattinson. Well, make that his cut-out.


2. While Occupy camps across the country were being torn down, a new camp was set up on Sunday in Los Angeles — this time by Twilight fans who waited in line for the premiere.


3. At the U.K. premiere on Wednesday, fans were all smiles as they tried to take a photo with star Robert Pattinson.


4. On Sunday, this “Team Edward” fan was seen at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif., waiting to get in line for the premiere of the movie, which happened Friday.


5. At the same event, Edward Cullen fanatics displayed a “Great Wall of Rob.”

6. Hordes of fans at the U.K. premiere in London on Wednesday were also delighted as they snapped photos with Taylor Lautner.

7. Kristen Stewart, in a black Roberto Cavalli gown, signed autographs at the UK premiere as well.