1. “Project Runway“ winner Seth Aaron sported ultra, ultra tight skinnys as he visited Short Hills, N.J., last October. Give New Jersey something to talk about, Aaron!

2. Saved by the scarf: Just looking at this photo of Russell Brand at this year’s VMA’s makes us really uncomfortable.

3. New York-based performance artist Breedlove at a Las Vegas performance last year. It just goes to show for most artists, times really are tight.

4. Adam Lambert tried to tone it down while attending a PFLAG event in California in September, but the seams on his tapered trousers might have been screaming still.


5. It’s already a pain to walk in a cast and crutches, so we are utterly baffled at Jessie J’s choice to wear these red, incredibly unforgiving pants to the Lil Wayne record release party of “Tha Carter IV” in L.A. in August.

6. Fashion designer Zac Posen looked atypically awkward at New York City’s Lincoln Center on Sunday. His posture had nothing to do with the tightness of his jeans. Maybe.

7. Lead vocalist of Thirty Seconds To Mars, Jared Leto, beguiled his fans in Netherlands with his musical talents and various unusual bulges in June of this year.

8. Justin Bieber opted for a more “manly” look and added a black tie and vest to his ensemble of low-waist skinnys. Way to keep it classy.

9. Recording artist Nicki Minaj might be big on success in the hip-hop scene but the camel colored pants she wore to this year’s MTV Movie Awards make her hips look just as big.

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