Torrid fan fiction involving a New England Pa

Even though we're a monogamous couple, my boyfriend is allowed to have sex with Monica Bellucci. When we first began dating, I bought him a photo book featuring the Italian actress and model, and we drooled over it together. We would joke about what scenarios might someday bring him face-to-face with her, and I gave him carte blanche to go for it, should the wildly improbable actually happen.

This is our version of the "freebie" or exception list made famous on an old episode of Friends — the idea that even a committed couple is going to make exceptions for their favorite celebs, should a chance encounter occur. For us, it was an excuse to explore outlandish sexual fantasies, and we're not alone; lusting after famous folks is a popular diversion.

If you look up celebrity fan fiction online, you'll find a treasure trove of tales like "Rebound Girls," starring celebrities Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. Name a star, and there's bound to be smut written about them. This is different from tabloid tell-alls about one-night stands with boldface names; this genre is clearly marked fiction.

Sometimes, though, fiction and real life intersect. While I would imagine most VIPs would rather not know about the starring roles they've been given in torrid tales, New England Patriots player and Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski was game to read from Lacey Noonan's novel about him, A Gronking to Remember, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, even joking about his character spiking a football between the narrator's butt cheeks. Did I mention that Gronkowski's mom was in the audience?


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