You know who is the one of the baddest mamba jambas in the music industry, to this day? Cher. Do not even try and tell me that Cher is not the coolest old lady around, because I am armed with irrefutable evidence with which to counter you.

Firstly, she called out Madonna — one of the other old ladies still behaving like bosses in the biz — for being, well, for being kind of a B.


Secondly, she threw said shade at Madge in a Reddit forum. Yes! Cher is older than my mother, who has just barely mastered the fine art of electronic mail, but the lady is well-versed in the ways of the Internet nether-regions. Over the weekend, she logged on for an “Ask me Anything” open forum on Reddit (oh, btw, she introduces herself on said forum thusly: “Hi, I'm Cher, I'm 100 years old”) during which someone asked why she hated Madonna.

Cher, being the classy yet truth spitting broad that she is, responded,. "I never hated her, I just thought she was a bitch.” And that, my friends, is ‘nuff said.

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