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Chicks With Steve Buscemi Eyes: Who else's eyes would look good on starlets?

Would 'Chicks With William H. Macy Eyes' be just as funny? Let's find out!

Like everyone else on the Internet, for the past few days we've been entranced by Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes, the image-based tumblr that is exactly what it sounds like. Who knew that adding the "Boardwalk Empire" star's craggy orbs could transform any starlet into a terrifying monster?

However, the viral success of all those chicks with Steve Buscemi eyes has also left Metro green with envy. It got us thinking: What other men's eyes would look hilarious when placed upon the faces of today's bright young things?

Chicks With William H. Macyes

A dose of the Mace-man's wrinkes adds a little warm-hearted decency to even the coldest of smiles.

Chicks With Jack Nicholson Eyes

The instant gravitas of a Hollywood legend.

Chicks With Henry Kissinger Eyes

Power is an aphrodisiac, and so are those glasses!

Chicks With Justin Bieber Eyes

Eh. Not really a difference! (It actually makes her look sort of like Anna Paquin.)

Do these entice you, Internet? Would you like to spread them around virally? You know you would!

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