Lee Napoli goes into work between 1 and 2 in the morning. Despite the brutal wake-up time, she has one of the most enviable jobs in Boston.

Hint: Dark chocolate with salted caramel, candied ginger, frozen moussicals, whipped cream-oozing eclairs.

In a tiny corner shop on the corner of Dartmouth and Montgomery, Napoli owns and runs Chocolee Chocolates. Though in business since 2007, she moved last April to the current location, formerly the Haley House Bakery (don’t be confused by its still-hanging sign).


This pastry chef of 30 years certainly knows what she’s doing. Her chocolate treats — the best in Boston, according to regulars — are made from Callebaut Belgium chocolate fresh every early morning. She’s recently added baked delicacies like fluffy, chocolate-stuffed croissants, danishes and cupcakes to her offerings.

Business, Napoli says, is good.

“People still buy chocolate, even in the bad economy,” she says. “The nice thing is, you can buy just one piece.”

Limiting yourself to one piece is easier said than done. We recommend trying at least two: the lemon curd and cardamom.


11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
23 Dartmouth St., Boston 617-236-0606

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