Plenty of New Yorkers consider themselves foodies. But we’re pretty sure Jim Gaffigan is the only one who can rave about the wedge salad at DBGB and will pack the Best Buy Theater this weekend partially because of his musings on Hot Pockets.

“My attitude on food is kind of like — I agree with the nutritionist who is outraged by fast food, but I also totally relate to the guy watching a football game eating crappy food,” Gaffigan says. “It’s like any topic — I could go either way.”

Food is undoubtedly a passion of the comedian, whose string of standup dates this month will feature new material about “McDonald’s, Subway, Dominos, seafood. … It sounds like these generic topics, but there are some obvious complexities,” he insists. “I really enjoy fine cuisine, but I think that there is this trend of being unnecessarily creative over the objective of being good-tasting,” Gaffigan says. “Like, [my wife and I] went to a restaurant and I got a steak with blueberry sauce on it. I was like, you know, just because you are being creative, doesn’t mean that it is delicious.”

Jim Gaffigan
Friday and Saturday;
Dec. 17 and 18
Best Buy Theater
1515 Broadway

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