Never trust a dude with a neck tattoo, that’s my policy. Or a dude that think it’s OK to punch ladies in the face. Chris Brown fits both of those bills, which is why I guess it's not really a surprise to learn that he was arrested early this morning for felony assault. This man is still on probation for using Rihanna as a personal punching bag, by the way.



Brown was apparently posing for a picture with two female fans (the most shocking part of this story, for me, is that Chris Brown still has fans, female or otherwise) outside of his tour bus in DC when two men tried to photobomb the precious moment. And Chris Brown did not like this.


Chris Brown expressed his displeasure like the reasonable, composed fellow that he is by proceeding to repeatedly punch one of the men in the face. USE YOUR WORDS CHRIS BROWN.


Not stopping at mere brute violence, Brown allegedly added literal insult to injury, throwing in a homophobic slur for good measure, telling the photobomber that he’s not “into this gay s—.”

Real cool, bro. Brown was arrested on the spot because, uh, when you’re on probation for punching a lady in the face it’s generally frowned upon to go around punching other people in the face. USE YOUR WORDS CHRIS BROWN.