Chris Brown and his daughter, Royalty

Getty Images

This past weekend, hip-hop and R&B singer Chris Brown reportedly threw down a whopping $30,000 for a birthday party for his two-year-old daughter, Royalty (yes, that is indeed her name), according to TMZ.The Frozen-themed bash took place in Los Angeles and featured a rhinestone-studded cake, dressed up characters from the film and even a grand entrance on a pony. Brown, who is currently on tour, was unable to attend the party himself.


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Later on, he took to Instagram to address the haters who have been criticizing him for his lavish spending. On Wednesday, Brown posted a photo of the gifts he bought for Royalty to his social media account, along with the caption: “You can call me ‘ghetto’ for spending money on my daughter but along with these material things which have no possible values to teach humility, self confidence, and equality, I also will be spending twice as much on her education, Health, and development as a YOUNG WOMAN!”


We can only imagine what Royalty’s sweet sixteen is going to look like. Someone get us on the invite list, please.


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