I love the Cold War '80s! Chris Pine resurrects Tom Clancy's Reagan-era do-gooder in "Jack Ryan." Credit: Paramount Pictures Chris Pine's hero image has been tarnished.
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Useful travel tip: Drunk driving is illegal in New Zealand too.

Chris Pine learned that the hard way when he was arrested on March 1 near the town of Methven for driving with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit of .08 percent.


New Zealand police released a statement confirming that they had stopped a 33-year-old American man earlier this month and charged him with driving under the influence. The "Star Trek" star was pulled over after leaving a wrap party for "Z Is for Zachariah," his upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller, with his girlfriend, Icelandic modelIris Bjork Johannesdottir.

Casey Crawford, owner of Methven's Blue Pub, told the New Zealand Press that Pine was drinking beer at the wrap party and did not appear intoxicated."Chris was really good. They were a good crowd, the whole lot of them," he said.

Crawford was surprised that Pine got behind the wheel — the pub had organized sober drivers for the evening's guests. Pine, who stars as Jack Ryan in the upcoming "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit," is set to appear in Ashburton District Court on Monday.

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