Chris Pratt stars in Michelob ULTRA Super Bowl 2018 commercial.
Chris Pratt stars in Michelob ULTRA Super Bowl 2018 commercial. Photo: YouTube

Super Bowl Sunday is just days away — can you taste it? Like every year, we’re prepared for some pretty epic commercials. And Michelob ULTRA just released its Super Bowl 2018 ad starring some Chris Pratt abs…oh yeah, and the actor himself.

The Associated Press reports that airtime for a 30-second commercial during this year's Super Bowl costs over $5 million. And the minute-long Michelob ULTRA ad titled "The Perfect Fit," chronicles the 38-year-old getting in tiptop shape for his role as the brand’s spokesperson — a commercial about training for a commercial. Wild.

You see him preparing his body and mind — detailing the role to friends and random strangers, running through his lines while on a run outside, using Michelob ULTRA bottles as weights at the gym and, of course, giving himself a pep talk in the bathroom mirror. Shirtless. In all his abdominal glory. And yes, those Chris Pratt abs are very much on point.


As AP puts it, the ad is about "balancing a healthy lifestyle with beer-fueled fun," which really does translate well. Pratt's hard at work but keeps his sense of humor. At one point he’s even doing wrist curls to get his beer-drinking hand ready. It’s downright hilarious — and it ends with a twist. 

Want to see some Chris Pratt abs? Take a look

As for Pratt's real-life training in preparation for the commercial, he told AP that he approached it just as he would a role on the big-screen. "If I’m going to be having my shirt off... in front of 100 million people, I want to look good," he said, "so we worked really hard." (It shows.)

Pratt posted a link to the ad on his social media accounts.

"These days, I’m trying to stay in top shape for work," Pratt wrote on Instagram yesterday. "So when I see a beer I can’t help but squint my eyes and imagine a treadmill- Specifically how long I’ll have to be on that treadmill to burn off the beer."

He then went on to explain why he’s able to drink Michelob ULTRA guilt-free: "Michelob ULTRA has only 95 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs SO... I can run that off very easily. Probably in like 10 seconds? (I run 85 mph) Which really makes you wonder why I’m not playing in the Super Bowl instead of just doing a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl."

But that makes us wonder…does Michelob ULTRA have more in store for those Chris Pratt abs (and the actor) during the Super Bowl? After all, football’s biggest night is always full of surprises.

Regardless, are we surprised that Pratt seemingly nailed his Super Bowl commercial debut? Nope. Even if this ends up being the whole shebang, we’re not complaining.

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