We say oui! Credit: Provided We say oui!
Credit: Provided

Paris Fashion Week may be over, but we're still very much into this French-tinged cocktail by Brooklyn's own Greenhook Ginsmiths. Their beach plum gin straight-up could be a cocktail in itself, but add all these other ingredients for a drink that's tres magnifique.

The Left Bank

1oz Greenhook Beach Plum Gin
½ oz Yellow “Jaune” Chartreuse
½ oz Gran Marnier or Triple Sec
½ oz tangerine juice
Brut Champagne
Crushed ice



Add Beach Plum Gin, Chartreuse, Gran Marnier and tangerine to mixing glass. Shake with ice. Strain into crushed ice-filled wine glass. Top with Champagne. Garnish with orange twist.