Adult Swim

Brooklyn-based comedian Joe Pera has a soothing voice. Its slow pace and slightly slurred delivery (like a very calm, intoxicated person) create a pleasantly lobotomizing effect, at least in his oddball Adult Swim specials.

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See "Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep,"his 11-minute special that aired at 4 a.m. last spring. A cartoon-animated Pera, seated in a living room straight out of “Goodnight Moon,” counsels you through “the day-to-day worries that make you anxious, like forgetting to fill the ice cube trays and race relations” and shares inane musings on topics from Stephen Hawking to The Snack Belt of Central Pennsylvania, set to ambient background music. You should watch it at work right now to calm down if you're stressed out; but know that it might make you drowsy.

Pera is back on Adult Swim, this time with a holiday-themed special: “Joe Pera Finds You the Perfect Christmas Tree” airing this Friday at midnight.Snippets from Pera’s un-peppy holiday pep talk include the adage, “There’s no such thing as the perfect Christmas tree, only the perfect tree for you.”


Whether you stress over Christmas trees or not, Pera is pretty much free therapy, like a lava lamp that makes you chuckle. We will need him in Trump's America!

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