Many couples are inseparable but for 48 hours, comedian Mark Malkoff and his wife were literally attached at their wrists.

Malkoff documented on video his experiment to be handcuffed to his wife, Christine Peel, for two days.

“Being handcuffed for 48 hours was not as hard as I thought it would be. Now if it was for a full week like Mark originally pitched me, that would be a different story,” Peel told Mashable. “It’s surprising how much of a slob you become when you need to drag someone else around with you to simply throw something in the trash.”

As for Malkoff, he said the experiment helped his sleep pattern.


“I have sleep issues and surprisingly slept much better handcuffed,” he said.

Even though both said it was easier than they expected, being handcuffed while you use the bathroom, wash dishes and vacuum the floor is a challenge.

“I’ve learned that no married should ever attempt this,” Malkoff said. “Also that if you’re handcuffed, it’s impossible to change your shirt.”

What do you think, readers, would you handcuff yourself to your significant other?

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